Get your time back

How much time do you spend on social media?

Back in 2013, a writer for the startup-focused Chicago publication Technori wrote that she estimated she spent 2.3 hours each day on social media. That’s over two hours on an iPhone 5.

Adweek reported in 2017 that the average person will spend over 5 years of their life on social media.

Sure, some of that time is actually social – connecting with friends and family – but, as an entrepreneur, social media can be an important business tool.

Social media can generate new leads, drive interest, and connect with your key audiences.

Your business may need social media, but don’t let it monopolize your time.

Instead, author and productivity expert Laura Vanderkam suggests: “Don’t do what others can do.” Save time by focusing on your highest priority tasks and outsourcing the rest.

Is social media worth the time you spend on it? How much more money would you make if you invested 2 more hours in yourself each day?

What would you do with an extra 40 hours each month?

We can help you find more time.

Are you ready?

Get Your Time Back