5 Tips to Manage Twitter’s New Rules

1. Don’t panic

Part of dealing with change is accepting it.

2. Keep Scheduling Tweets

Scheduling you tweets ensures your words are published when they can best reach your audience.

3. Write tweets in bulk

Take an the article, blog post, event, or other item you want to post and write multiple  tweets about it while it’s fresh. Schedule them for different times or tweet one and store the others for when you’re low on inspiration.

4. Plan a rotation

The fewer choices you have to make about your social media, the easier it will be to manage. Have your tweets arranged on your schedule to fit a certain slot. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm you’ll have a tweet about one of your blog posts. This will ensure your content is varied and evenly distributed.

5. Keep posting content

It’s a bummer that Twitter changed its rules, but don’t give up on Twitter. Keep your content going and you’ll find a new routine. Twitter is still a free way to reach your customers!

Still worried?

Check out this Harvard Business Review article on dealing with change for some more tips: How to Get Better at Dealing with Change


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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