How to make more money with your existing content

Heather Teysko has a lot of hustle. She turned an English History podcast into a variety of offerings, products, and varying income streams. She posted instructions on a passive income stream that I’m a big fan of, eBooks.

I’ve posted old theses and papers to Amazon through their self-publishing platform. I haven’t put effort into marketing – it was more of an experiment than anything else – so it hasn’t brought me much income. However, files sitting on my hard drive would’ve brought me nothing.

Heather takes eBooks a step further, showing you how to embed video into an enhanced eBook:

If you’re a content-creating entrepreneur like me, chances are you’ve got some videos taking up space on your hard drive. Maybe they’re from a free eCourse you did a year ago. Maybe they’re a YouTube series you put together. Maybe they were Facebook Lives from that launch last summer.


Whatever these videos are, I bet there’s some nuggets of wisdom in them that would be good in an eBook. And I imagine that it would be good wisdom for someone to find when they were searching for, oh, I don’t know, maybe a book about your subject? – Heather Teysko

If you’ve created content – video or audio in particular – check out this tutorial to create a nice passive income stream.


Photo by luciano de sa on Unsplash

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